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Concrete wall effects.

Chic Coatings applied concrete wall,

surface finishes for contemporary living,

our light weight concrete collection can be applied to almost any surface,and applied direct to walls,it can also be cast and polished,or used for facing off bench tops and work surfaces, creating a contemporary industrial feel to wall surfaces and other design features in your space with out the weight,each finish and style are unique,controlled by the artisan to create the desired finish,colour tone movement and feel for the client,the finish can be troweled to a ultra smooth polished finish,honed or textured and given shutted effects,to add further intrest,the surfaces can also be colour washed,to create a more theatrical weathered and aged look,transforming your plane ordinary walls,into hip personally styled,edgy designer wharehouse style walls,using our smart progressive finishes,get the look you want,and say goodbye to the noise and mess of conventional methods .

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